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IMPO Solutions Nail glue 5g

IMPO Solutions Caustic pencil

IMPO Solutions Swim Sport 20ml

IMPO Solutions Super glue 3g

IMPO Solutions Nail bite 15ml

IMPO Solutions Dentufix 2g

IMPO Solutions Silicone earplugs (2 pairs)

Impo Solutions Camphor Blocks - Sleeve of 8 (Pack of 24)

IMPO Keyring Hand Sanitiser (8cm) - 30ml

IMPO Waterless Hand Sanitiser (Lightly Fragranced) - 100ml

IMPO Hand Sanitiser (Trigger Spray) - 500ml

IMPO Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash - 250ml

IMPO Foamy Hand Wash - 345ml

Raw Castor Oil - 100ml

Raw Essential Eucalyptus Spray - 100ml

Raw menthol Crystals 12g

Waterproof Sheeting - 1 Metre

Delbar wax & cotton earplugs - 2 pairs

Delbar wax & cotton earplugs - 5 pairs

Denture Bath

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