IMPO Distributors Group Pty Ltd

Welcome to IMPO Distributors Group Pty Ltd

IMPO is a privately owned company that manufactures, imports and distributes a wide variety of different products for the Southern African market.

Equipped with a professional sales force with years of wholesale and distribution experience, relationship building is at the core of our business, and we strive to provide win-win solutions for our clients.

"We have more than 120 staff members working at our head office based in Durban. Ensuring that we deliver exceptional quality service, we help cater to a wide variety of needs and expectations, no matter how big or small."

More about IMPO

To ensure the consistent quality of our products, we also have our own manufacturing facilities. Our soap factory produces high quality palm oil soap, with both an automated line and hand press.

Our liquids factory manufactures everything from foam baths to body butters, and our assembling factory allows us to hand-wrap soaps, assemble gift packs and add those finishing touches. We have a lab facility to test product quality and consistency.

"Our factory has ISO 9001:2015 certification from SGS, this internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) ensures that Impo’s processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives are in place"

IMPO Manufacturing

IMPO's head office is based in Durban, KZN. Our 5000m2 facility enables us to manage the supply chain from our warehouse to individual stores or DC’s. Our design and development, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, finance and management teams are all based together which helps us work as an integrated team

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