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Roar Wash-O-Saurus (60ml Body Wash, 60ml Bath & Shower Gel & 60ml 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner)

Roar Dino-Mania (100ml Hair & Body Wash With Puzzle)

Roar Face Cloth - 30cm x 29.5cm

Roar Bath & Shower Gel - 1 litre

Roar Mould Your Own Clay Dinosaur (Coloured Clay Pieces & 2 x Eyes)

Roar Paint & Plaster Craft Set (1 Paint Brush, 6 Paint Pots & 1 Plaster Dinosaur)

Roar Dress Up Kit (Felt Shapes, Glitter Glue, Elastics, Gem Stickers, Double Sided Adhesive Tape)

Roar Kids Novelty Socks (Driving Dinosaur) - One Size Fits Most

Roar Kids Novelty Socks (Black Dinosaur) - One Size Fits Most

Out Of Stock

Roar Dinosaur Plush Toy (2 Assorted) - 30cm x 18cm

Roar Wooden Puzzle - 29.5cm x 22cm

Roar Dinosaur Growing Capsules (12 Assorted Growing Capsules)

Roar Dinosaur Interchangeable Pen (4 Assorted Multi Colour) - 17cm

Roar Dinosaur Pens (3 Assorted) - 18cm

Roar Dinosaur Slime - 6 Assorted Colours - 7cm

Out Of Stock

Roar Dinosaur Bubble Wand (Assorted) - 26cm

Purchase 2 Of Each Item In The Range (1 Of Each Deal) And Receive A 5% Discount

Kids Dinosaur Springs (12 Assorted Colours) - 5 X 5cm

Kids Dinosaur Slap Band (Assorted) - 12cm

Kids Dinosaur Squeeze Toy (12 In A Deal) - 8cm

Kids Dinosaur Water Game - (Assorted) - 24'S

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