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Jenam is an innovative brand dedicated to producing beautiful, customised collections of bath and body products for men and women. Inspired by the latest local and international trends, the range includes a Classic Collection of perennial favourites as well as fashion forward Limited Edition Ranges. Beautifully packaged and affordably priced, Jenam is the perfect way to spoil someone special... especially if that person is you!

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Flowers Collection

- Rose
- Lavender
White Orchid

Limited Edition
- Bluebelle (NEW)
- Pure Bliss (NEW)
- Foot Therapy (NEW)
- Wild Lily

- Me Time

- Wild Rose

- Wild Cotton
- Keep Calm
- Men's Gifting

Exclusive Bags

- Jenam - Exclusive Bags

Cosmetic Bags
- Jenam - Cosmetic Bags
- Utility Bags

Mens Wash Bags

Characters For Kids
- Tiny Tatty Teddy
- Ninja turtles
The Smurfs
Hello Kitty
- Planes
- Minnie Mouse
- Assorted

Gifting Solutions
- Jenam Home Fragrance
- Jenam Soaps
- Jenam Bath Salts
- Jenam Accessories
- Party Accessories
- Jenam 'Love My....
- Wrap-It-Up